Potable water treatment.

Treatment – Filtering – Disinfection

In our region we have hard water and we often see the damage it causes on the plumbing fixtures and pipes.

For better confort, reduction of maintenance cost and use of energy, we recommend that you protect your home with a water conditioning equipment.


  • Water treatment with descaler AQUABION,
    This solution is ecological and practically maintenance free. It is ideal to help eliminate the line scale and corrosion of your equipment.
  • Water treatment with the traditional water softening equipment and filter. This uses resine and salt wich modify the ph/th of the water,
  • Treatment of rain water for domestic use.

All the above systems are approved by the A.C.S. (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire).

Heating treatment network, closed circuits.

Maintenance – Prevention – Cleaning

Heating networks are closed systems, or may form over time, sludge bacterial, plant or metal.
The result is a poorly functioning of your heating, poor circulation in radiators and underfloor heating.

Maintenance and prevention, are used to optimize heating systems to reduce energy costs.

The solutions

With eco-efficient DESEMBOUEUR

Natural and physical process.

Curative and preventive :

  • without chemical additive,
  • maintenance-free,
  • without electricity,
  • without sludge pot.

5 year warranty on the equipment and operation. www.edya.fr

With chemical treatments

  • cleansers,
  • inhibitors,
  • corrosion cleaning with a pump,
  • antifreeze,
  • protection against scaling and corrosion.